Sustainable Structures

The Future of Green Energy

The exterior of a building or structure can be transformed into a vertical micro-power plant using patented photovoltaic technology. This clean energy contributes to a net-zero carbon future.

Buildings powered with microgrids provided from Mitrex facades will allow humanity to lower our dependency on the centralized grid, especially in times of disaster. Decentralizing power will enable our society to be more energy efficient; depending on grid-connected buildings will become a thing of the past.

Global warming is getting closer to the tipping point, and more and more natural disasters are happening. As extreme events become more prevalent, having safe structures is not an option; it’s necessary. Structures built using Mitrex facades are ready for hurricanes and winds of up to hundreds of kilometers per hour (ASTM E1886) and are fire tested (NFPA 285/S 134) while generating electricity.

With the evolution in EV cars and battery storage causing many car manufacturers to move to all-electric vehicles, the building community, from the initial concept designed by architects to completion, is looking for a viable, scalable solution to accommodate all the additional power requirements for new and retrofit projects.

At Mitrex, we thought about all of this and more when designing our Solar Facade. Mitrex offers cost-effective, quickly installed, aesthetically pleasing, and commercially available facades from a reputable cladding organization with decades of experience in the field.