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These are some of our sustainable, green buildings projects. We specialize in diverse Solar Facades & Cladding, Photovoltaic Glass, and Solar Railing projects.

Disclaimer: Some of the projects displayed are inexact renderings of ongoing Mitrex projects; the images are solely to reflect the size of proposed confidential projects.

Completed Project

Factory Retrofit

The Factory Retrofit transformed the exterior of an industrial building with a gradient of white and grey-colored BIPV panels. With an 80kW system size, the building’s new facade meets the high energy demands of the building while enhancing the aesthetics of the envelope.

The new façade panels meet all fire testing requirements, including NFPA 285 and EN 13501-1, with a classification of A2-s1,d0. The white and grey panels are all active solar panels with seamless energy generation, qualifying the building for government rebates.

Completed Project

605 Yonge St, Midland, Ontario, Canada

Mitrex solar modules improved the aesthetics of the 605 Yonge St building while transforming the structure into a green, energy-generating power plant. The improved area on the building utilizes
Mitrex Solar Facades with a wood pattern spanning over 10,000SQFT and generating energy with a system size of over 160kW. The structure features an improved building envelope while seamlessly
generating solar energy.

In progress Project

St. Mary’s University, Halifax

St. Mary’s University in Halifax is taking a leadership role by adopting a sustainable option for the building’s modernization efforts. The installation consists of over 6,000 SQFT of solar cladding
accented by a vertical semi-opaque curtain wall on the south elevation.

The design of the panels will be a delicate combination of school colors with a subtle reveal of solar technology – a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements.

Completed Project

Mitrex Headquarters

Mitrex Headquarters, located in Toronto, Canada, showcases Mitrex Solar Facade panels along the north elevation of the manufacturing facility. The Solar Facade features fully white, 250W panels directly integrated into the fins of the building. The integrated solar panels allow for seamless green energy generation.

Completed Project

139 Bond Avenue

139 Bond Avenue, located in Toronto, Canada features a church with a 10,000SF retrofitted façade of both solar (75kW system) and non-solar areas. The building envelope boasts religious iconography that generates energy through solar technology integrated into the cladding. The 50-year-old structure was transformed into an energy-generating power plant with an aesthetically-improved exterior. Further, the prefab wall system made installation quick, reduced costs, and had minimal on-site disturbance.

Upcoming Project

591 Finch West, Toronto

Mitrex will supply an innovative BIPV solution for a 12-storey long-term care residential building in Toronto, Canada, developed by Sionito Community Development Corporation. Our system will consist of solar cladding designed in a Dark Blue solid color and solar railing, providing power outcomes of 350 kW and 11 kW respectively

Completed Project

Solar Brick Facade

This project features an installation of Mitrex Solar Brick made to match the existing brick facade on the post-war era building. Mitrex Solar Brick facades boast up to 330W per panel while recreating a traditional masonry brick look, a staple of buildings in North America. The installation features a 59kW system size spanning over 4,000SF. Incorporating Solar Brick into the facade allowed the building owner to have an energy-generating building envelope without poor aesthetics.

Upcoming Project

1451 Wellington, Ottawa

Ottawa is a hub for luxurious developments, and a standout project at 1451 Wellington St exemplifies luxury, class, and prestige. The building’s meticulous attention to detail requires a robust cladding system, and the Cladify pre-assembled system with a Bronze coating simplifies the realization of intricate elements.

Modules are manufactured off-site and transported for easy installation, enhancing the design’s quality. Sustainability is also a priority, with an angled facade designed to maximize energy generation from integrated solar panels. The Mitrex panels seamlessly blend with the design, generating 94 KW of renewable energy.

Upcoming Project

Capital Tower

This project involves a complete Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) cladding retrofit with a unique custom image artwork mural. The initiative is closely coordinated with the Canadian Infrastructure Bank, which provides financing specifically for retrofit projects in Edmonton aimed at achieving a significant 50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Upcoming Project

1154 Wilson Ave

The 1154 Wilson Balcony Retrofit project is an apartment rental building that will benefit from solar balcony railings supplied by Mitrex and installed by a trusted third-party installer. With a remarkable power output of 162 KW, the building owner can enjoy long-term energy savings while reducing carbon emissions.

The environmental impact of an energy-generating system of this size over one year will equal planting 1,709 trees.

Project Video

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