The Impact of Mitrex Products
on the Environment

Low Embodied Carbon

Energy Payback Through Integration

Net-Zero Integrated Solar Products— generating enough green energy to offset the carbon needed to produce them.

Mitrex integrated solar panels generate enough green energy to offset production-related carbon emissions, unlike traditional materials. The total amount of CO2 released in the production of a Mitrex Solar Panel is 75.94 kg of CO2. This includes all the solar panel components, such as the glass, aluminum, EVA, back sheet, cells, interconnections, and junction box.

Mitrex integrates solar technology into every available surface that has access to sunlight, including integrating PV into typical construction materials. By doing this, we transform building materials into carbon-zero products that limit our contribution to climate change.

On average, Mitrex Solar Facades can offset the carbon needed to make them in 4.5 years and remove 557.75 kg of CO2 in 30 years. However, a south-facing Solar Facade panel can offset the carbon used in its manufacturing process in three years and remove 744 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere in 30 years.

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Recyclable Materials

A Net-Zero Future

Typically, solar panels have a lifecycle of 30 years, wherein they minimize carbon emissions. But what happens to solar panels and their components at the end of their lifecycle?

Up to 96% of the material used to make Mitrex solar modules can be reused to make new solar panels.

The three primary materials used in photovoltaics are glass, plastic, and aluminum, which are widely recycled. At Mitrex, we are committed to seeing a genuinely sustainable future with photovoltaics integrated into any surface touched by the sun. Mitrex Solar Products are genuinely innovative as they reduce emissions and pave the way to a net-zero future.

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Recycling Process

Recycling Solar Panels

Mitrex uses two types of solar technology: monocrystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaics. These types of solar technology can be recycled using several different industrial techniques.

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Recycling Process

Solar Panel Recycling Process