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What is the power generation and efficiency of each Solar Facade panel?

The efficiency of Mitrex facade panels is 22% which is comparable to traditional solar panels. Each panel can go up to 20/Watt PSF. Factors such as colour and pattern can affect power generation. For more information about our technology visit the Mitrex Technology page.

How does the cladding attach to the building?

Mitrex Solar Facade is a ventilated, rainscreen system that does not require special installation as it works the same as typical rainscreen systems. There are also various attachment options available, and our team will always work with your architects to meet any unique requirements and specifications. For more information, visit our Systems page.

What are the Solar Facade panel size options?

We can do any size based on a client’s design or specifications. Mitrex works with architects and designers to ensure all of their needs are met. For more details visit our Solar Facade page.

Can your solutions be applied to new builds and retrofits?

Yes, all of our solutions can be applied to both new builds and retrofits. Our solution will not only improve the aesthetic of the building but also the insulation, r-value and energy savings. Mitrex Solar Facade panels can be over-cladded or re-cladded for retrofit projects. To learn more, visit our New Builds and Retrofits page.

How long do Solar Roof and Siding panels last?

Mitrex guarantees that your solar panels will last for at least 25 years. Your solar panel system is outfitted with durable solar panels and high-quality electrical equipment. Mitrex does not make performance guarantees outside of your warranty period, but you can expect your solar panel system to continue to produce clean energy for years.

What are the terms of the warranty?

There is a 25-year hardware warranty, and we guarantee that after 25 years, the minimum efficiency will be 80% of the original energy generation. To learn more about the warranty, Click Here.

Do Mitrex Solar Roof and Siding panels need maintenance?

Mitrex solar systems do not require regular maintenance due to their self-cleaning and maintenance-free coatings applied.

How much energy do my Solar Roof or Siding panels produce?

The amount of energy produced by Mitrex Solar Roof and Siding panels is dependent on the system size and environmental factors such as shading, dust and debris, snow, and other weather factors.

Will the efficiency of my solar panels go down?

Typically, all solar panels lose efficiency throughout their working life. Mitrex guarantees that after 25 years, the power output will be no less than 80% of the labelled power output.

Do Mitrex solar panels produce energy on a cloudy day?

On cloudy days, Mitrex Solar Roof and Siding Panels will still generate electricity as there is diffuse sunlight that allows the panels to produce power. However, the power output may be less than the generation on a sunny day.

If there is a utility power outage, will my solar panels still produce energy?

Yes, if the panels generate energy, they can operate independently from the grid. In the event of a power outage, you can even dedicate the energy to specific equipment in your home.

Are Mitrex Solar Roof and Siding panels replaceable if damaged?

Yes, if any of the panels are damaged, they can be easily replaced by any certified installer.

Do I need an energy storage system with my Mitrex Solar Roof or Siding?

No, Mitrex Solar Roof panels do not require energy storage systems to function—they can produce energy and supply it directly to your home as needed.

What if I suspect my panel are damaged/do not produce energy?

Look at your system: When it is safe to do so, inspect your solar system. Look to see if you can visually identify any sign of damage to the panels. If possible, take photos and videos so the damage can be assessed. We also recommend checking the entire solar system (breakers, inverter, etc) to see if they have been damaged.

Get in touch: If you can clearly identify that your solar panels have been damaged, you or your installer can fill out the Contact us form to get in touch with us.

Can I return my panels?

Returns of undamaged or unused products will be accepted within 60 days after delivery. There will be a 20% restocking fee applied to all returned products. Clients are responsible for return shipping costs.

For Solar Roofing & Solar Siding, how does the installation work for single-unit residential housing?

For Mitrex Solar Roof, we provide panels that match the design of traditional roofs, and that have the same connections, brackets, and wiring. Mitrex Solar Roof also has the same installation processes compared to traditional rooftop solar panels and can be installed by any certified solar installer. Refer to the Mitrex Solar Roof page for information on installation.

For Solar Siding, we provide the interlocking channels that attach the back of the panels to the existing wall, making installation simple. To purchase our Solar Siding and Solar Roof visit the Mitrex Shop.

Can Mitrex technology be used on all the vertical walls and elevations, or just on the south wall (for the northern hemisphere)?

Our philosophy is that every surface touched by the sun can generate solar electricity. Using Mitrex on all vertical walls is more advantageous than using alternative materials such as brick or concrete. A wall that is generating some electricity is better than a wall that is doing nothing. Depending on the direction the wall is facing, the efficiency is affected. For more details visit our BIPV Energy page.

Does the colour or design impact the power generation?

Yes, the design and colour can affect the efficiency of the panels. However, through our advanced research and development, our team has engineered colours to maximize power output. We also compensate for energy loss with anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings that improve efficiency. Typically, the darker the colour the more power is generated. For more information, visit our BIPV Energy page.

Do you have more colour or design options available that may not be on your website?

Yes, we can match any design. We encourage you to bring us your design and colour so that we can fully customize it for you and bring your vision to life. Visit the Mitrex sample library schedule a meeting to discuss your design ideas.

Do your products ship to my region?

Currently, items in our shop only ship to the USA and Canada. If you are interested in our samples or solar technology, visit the Mitrex Shop

Do your products ship to my region?

Currently, items in our shop only ship to the USA and Canada. If you are interested in our samples or solar technology, visit the Mitrex Shop

We would like to partner with Mitrex and be a distributor in our region. What criteria do we need to comply with?

We are always eager to expand and partner with experienced professionals! If you are interested in being an independent partner with us, please fill out our Become a Partner form for more information.

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