Mitrex Manufacturing Process

The Mitrex manufacturing process features a fully automated, customized, and certified production line that guarantees a reliable and safety-tested supply of integrated solar products.

Mitrex has a sophisticated production process that optimizes the design, fabrication, and installation of building envelope solutions with integrated solar technology. The facility allows us to consistently produce thousands of SQFT of BIPV per day.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is a fully automated facility designed to produce highly complex laminated facade components in a nearly infinite variety of configurations. To enable this, we have five distinct production lines that are integrated via a plantwide control network.

The manufacturing lines bridge the production of facade materials with solar technology. These lines work in conjunction with each other to interpret, schedule, manage, and deliver the unique architectural designs that our customers demand.

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Why Mitrex?


Mitrex is committed to manufacturing the highest quality solar products. Constantly innovating, Mitrex boasts new product offerings that utilize the industry’s latest technology to integrate solar into every available surface. From our advanced coatings to our backing technologies, customizable sizes, and aesthetic options, Mitrex guarantees innovative products that are designed to outperform.

Why Mitrex?


Mitrex integrates solar technology into every available surface that has access to sunlight. By transforming single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose solar materials, they can retain their original function with the added benefit of energy generation. Mitrex believes that the solar industry can only be adopted on a mass scale through integration into the building industry.

Why Mitrex?


Mitrex utilizes state-of-the-art robotics to fully automate the production of our solar modules. Human interaction is limited to the production of our customized PV solutions where advanced fabrication or preassembly is needed for the project and quality control to ensure safety is maximized. Automation provides reliable, durable, and code-compliant modules.

Why Mitrex?

Low Embodied Carbon Production

Every week, the completion of newly constructed buildings is equal to a city the size of Paris, with construction accounting for about 40% of global carbon emissions. Not only do Mitrex products offset our reliance on the high-carbon grid, but they have a low carbon embodiment. All Mitrex modules are net-positive, meaning they remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they produce—taking us one step closer to a carbon-neutral future.