Our Mission & Purpose

Our goal is to be the catalyst that accelerates the adoption of sustainable, energy-generating human-made structures.

We believe that rapid, low-cost, sustainable manufacturing is economically viable, and the road to a brighter future for humanity.


Inspired By Nature

If we all agree that we are made of stardust, quantum physics demonstrates that we are inherently connected to everything in the universe. Our preservation as a species must respect the unwritten rule of “cause and effect” and the need to recycle, sustain, and integrate into nature’s universal and delicately balanced system of life.

Until the end of the 20th century, humanity believed that we could do anything to our environment without suffering any direct consequences. Most of us now recognize that we cannot ignore universal laws and go on with how we have been living our lives. In the last 50 years, nature has sent us clear and indisputable messages that we are breaking universal laws and that we must change our ways. We have the option to ignore nature’s guidance at the risk of our own peril or respect natural laws by adapting to them and ultimately surviving as a species.

At Mitrex, we believe that if we are to help reverse the world’s increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, then we must see the world through a different set of eyes, one that takes a holistic approach to solving our problems. Since our experience is in construction, and more specifically in building cladding, we undertook what seemed to be an impossible task: Create solar energy generating facades that not only cost the same as traditional building materials but are also easy and quick to install and have better characteristics such as aesthetics, colour, design, and durability.

Now we have unlocked Stage 1 of our plan—solar facades, and solar glass.

At Mitrex, research and development are at the core of what we do. This is how we drive our vision for a better future, how we adapt to make that vision a reality, and how we make a meaningful, positive difference in the world. In Stage 2 of our vision, we will continuously develop newer, better, and more sustainable solar energy generating and affordable construction materials that are quick to build and deliver and can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

This is just the beginning…

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