Modular Living

Sustainable Spaces & Beautiful Aesthetics

Mitrex Solar Powerhouse offers flexible modular living spaces that can be transformed into your personal office, gym, bedroom, or more! These solar-powered units produce as much energy as they consume—meaning they are carbon-neutral, sustainable options for your needs.

These units are entirely net-zero, green structures by utilizing integrated solar technology. These modular box offices are offered in three standard sizes: 16’x16’, 16’x20’, and 16’x30’. Available in various design and colour options, Mitrex guarantees beautiful aesthetics, energy generation, and a flexible living space.

The Powerhouses have two energy options—you can connect them to the grid to supplement the power demands/supply excess power back to your home, or you can opt for an off-grid self-sustaining solution. Mitrex offers supply and installation in the Greater Toronto Area and supply-only for areas outside this region. The permit process is included in the price. The units also include an R-value of 36,  a heating system and an air exchanger, and will be delivered 14-16 weeks after the order is placed.

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Design Options

Mini: 16’x16’

The Mini Powerhouse consists of 140 SQFT of space offered in black or grey exterior colour options. The units can even be upgraded to include picturesque, floor-to-ceiling windows. Utilize this private space for all your living needs and even benefit from completely off-the-grid, sustainable power. Enhance your outdoor landscape with a seamless, sustainable option!

  • Net-Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Connected & Off-Grid Options
  • Prefabricated & Modular


Interior Size: 140 SQFT

Exterior Size: 256 SQFT

Weight: ~11,500 lb

System Size:

  • Black: 11 kW
  • Grey: 10 kW
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Design Options

Midi: 16’x20’

The Midi 16’x20’ option has 180 SQFT of interior living space. Available with a black or grey exterior, these off-the-grid units ensure seamless energy generation. The Powerhouses are even fabricated with locally sourced materials and guarantee a low carbon embodiment. Optimize your living spaces with a green, solar option!

  • Sustainable & Green
  • Easy to Install
  • Aesthetically Pleasing


Interior Size: 140 SQFT + 40 SQFT (bathroom)

Exterior Size: 320 SQFT

Weight: ~14,400 lb

System Size:

  • Black: 13 kW
  • Grey: 11 kW
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Design Options

Maxi: 16’x30’

The 16’x30’ prefabricated Powerhouse features 280 SQFT of interior area. The seamless, integrated solar technology ensures that the units produce as much energy as they consume. This means these flexible living spaces have zero carbon emissions and zero electricity bills. You can even upgrade the unit to include floor-to-ceiling windows to suit any of your space needs!

  • Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Flexible Living Space


Interior Size: 240 SQFT + 40 SQFT (bathroom)

Exterior Size: 480 SQFT

Weight: ~21,600 lb

System Size:

  • Black: 17 kW
  • Grey: 14 kW
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Ready-Made & Simple Installation

Mitrex ships your modular living space completed ensuring that installation is simple and easy. Depending on your needs, Mitrex provides off-grid living options that include battery storage, or the units can be connected to your grid power. Installation requires a foundation to support the structure; there are various foundation options depending on where the units are installed. Mitrex will obtain the permit for your Powerhouse. Consult Mitrex to learn more about modular living spaces!


Prefabricated & Modular Powerhouse

Mitrex Powerhouses are prefabricated, modular units proudly sourced and produced in Canada. The integrated solar technology on the exterior of the units ensures that each living space is self-sufficient with a low carbon embodiment and an R-value of 36. These pre-made spaces are shipped to your property completed, guaranteeing quick and easy installation.


Green Living

Mitrex Solar Powerhouses suit any of your living needs—you can utilize these spaces for anything you choose, from a home gym to an office, playroom, or more! Contact Mitrex to learn more about how these sustainable solutions can be integrated into your outdoor spaces!