Limitless Applications

Solar Railing & Facades for Any Application

Mitrex BIPV enables architects, builders, developers, and building owners to meet the demand for zero-emission new builds and retrofits.

The global market for zero carbon emissions buildings is expected to skyrocket in the next decade. Unfortunately, aesthetic design, energy efficiency, and solar energy production do not always go hand in hand.

Mitrex Solar Facades and Solar Railing are energy-efficient, offer design options, and generate electricity. Our multi-purpose materials provide a cost-effective solution to high energy expenses. They are priced competitively with traditional options yet produce a revenue stream and reduce operating expenses for decades. Architects and construction professionals can benefit from multi-purpose solar building materials.

Mitrex technology is suitable for virtually any application, including residential homes, high rises, stadiums, bus stops, healthcare buildings, agricultural silos, and more. Not only can these systems be incorporated into any structure, but they are also economical applications for new construction and retrofit projects.

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Solar Railing Systems

Retrofit for Energy-Generating Balconies

*Unlimited patterns and colors available


Mitrex Solar Railing allows for easy integration of energy-generating technology on existing structures. Working specifically for your project, we guarantee a system that meets your needs while providing an efficient solution at an affordable rate.

The railings offer versatile systems for any need, high-performing solar technology, quick & easy installation, and minimal tenant disturbance.

Mitrex Solar Railings are offered in three systems to meet any design or site condition. The customizable facing can recreate any pattern for opaque railings and can even be offered in semi-opaque or transparent designs.

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Railing Circuitry & Installation

Hidden Wiring, Seamless Energy Generation

Mitrex Solar Railing completely covers all the electrical components’ circuitry and connection points in the handrails and posts. In addition, a diverse range of installation options meets design or structural needs. Installation is simple, and we make sure that any wiring from the solar system is safely and invisibly incorporated.

We make installation as easy and quick as possible to allow for minimal tenant disturbance. Various systems seamlessly allow for the integration of solar railings, transforming every balcony into a micro power plant.

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Solar Facades

Turn Aging Infrastructure into Solar Facades

Reclad or overclad aging structures with Mitrex Solar Facades—creating energy-efficient, thermally insulating, and energy-producing building envelopes.

Many residential high rises, office buildings, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, hotels, healthcare centers, and municipal buildings have inefficient building envelopes that leak heat and have low R-values.

Older buildings in North America feature mid-century modern and post-modern construction and were built between 1950 and 1990. Often, these projects feature masonry facades with brick or concrete that lack the proper insulation and thermal performance, resulting in high energy bills and uneven temperatures inside.

In Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Chicago, Boston, and New York, many such older buildings exist and are excellent candidates for deep retrofits. Deep retrofit projects commonly entail recladding or over-cladding the exterior to improve the thermal performance of the structure.

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Solar Facade Systems for Retrofits

With Mitrex Solar Facades, upgrading the building with an innovative solar enclosure effectively solves the issue of energy efficiency while also providing a source of renewable energy generation.

Mitrex offers versatile solutions and systems to integrate Solar Facades into building envelopes. By integrating solar technology into the facade, the aesthetics are not compromised, the cost of the retrofit is reduced, and the envelope serves a dual purpose—covering the building while supplying power to the structure.

Whether your building requires high thermal and acoustic performance, high R-value, low tenant disturbance during installation, or simply a beautiful building envelope, Mitrex guarantees a solution for your structure.

Solar Facade

Rainscreen System

This system is an air pressurized cavity wall system designed to eliminate water penetration and allow ventilation. This system consists of two options.

  1. Stick-Build Cladding: Where installation is panel by panel.
  2. Pre-Assembled Cladding: Where the panels are prefabricated and installed as a single unit. This results in faster installation and minimizes connection points to the substrate.


  • Continuous insulation and AWB.
  • Ultra-lightweight— panels are 2lbs/SF, while the system is 4lbs/SF.
  • Achieves irregular designs and precise installation.
  • Stick-build requires a backup wall, whereas preassembled requires structural slabs only.
  • Panels can span floor to floor and be attached to slabs only.
  • Fewer connection points allow for reduced thermal bridging.
  • Pre-Assembled has faster installation since the panels are prefabricated and installed as one unit.
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EV Cars

Power EV Cars with Solar Facade Retrofits

The exterior of a building can be transformed into a vertical micro-power plant using Mitrex solar technology and supply power to meet the increasing energy demand caused by the advent of EV cars.

With the evolution of EV cars, the building community, from architects to building owners, is looking for a viable solution to meet the demand for all the additional power requirements of new and retrofit projects. It is becoming increasingly standard for buildings to require EV charging stations in addition to standard energy requirements.

New or retrofitted buildings powered with microgrids provided from Mitrex facades will supplement increasing energy demands, supply power to surroundings like EV car chargers, and allow humanity to lower our dependency on the centralized grid. Decentralizing power will enable our society to be more energy efficient; depending on grid-connected buildings will become a thing of the past.

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LEED Points

LEED Points & Any R-Value with Mitrex

Mitrex integrated solar solutions can meaningfully contribute to retrofits gaining top LEED designations. Our rainscreen cladding system allows buildings to have outstanding energy efficiency, and our solar integrated technology converts buildings into renewable micropower plants.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building types, LEED provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainable achievement and leadership.

We offer various attachment systems that can achieve any R-value while matching any desired aesthetic. Our team will work closely with building architects to carefully design an integrated solar system that will perform to the owner’s desired specifications.

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Net Zero

Net-Zero Emission Infrastructure

Mitrex solar products are net-zero, meaning they generate enough green energy throughout their lifetime to offset the carbon used to produce them.

Mitrex offers a carbon-sensitive approach to construction— providing efficient building envelopes, reduced embodied carbon in materials, and recyclable solar components. Adding solar generating capacities with Mitrex BIPV materials makes the building net-zero from an electrical and energy aspect.

Transforming the built environment into a source of clean energy can allow us to reduce our reliance on the high-carbon grid. This allows building owners to profit from energy generation, unlike traditional materials such as concrete or ACM.

On average, Mitrex Solar Facades can offset the carbon needed to make them in 4.5 years and remove 557.75 kg of CO2 in 30 years. From the first day of construction to decades in the future, Mitrex products provide a durable, carbon-neutral facade.

Carbon-intensive retrofits that utilize heavy machinery and disrupt the existing structure benefit from Mitrex Solar Facades requiring minimal disturbance on the job site. Learn more about our impact on emissions on our Environmental Impact page.

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