Sustainable & Green

Energy-Generating, Multi-Storey Solar Parking

Mitrex Solar Parking allows barren multi-storey parking structures to be turned into active, energy-generating power plants.

Multi-storey car parking structures have become increasingly common; however, they typically lack aesthetics as they are mainly designed for their function and capacity.

Given building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) development, these structures are left untapped for possible energy generation. A retrofit of the bare facade to incorporate BIPV creates an aesthetic option. It also generates energy for surrounding infrastructure, including EV car chargers, or the power can be sold to utility companies.

Not to mention the functionality of the parking structure can be maintained as the panels can be designed and arranged to keep the same airflow requirements of the parking areas.

Mitrex proposes Solar Facade Parking Lots as an alternative to regular parking structures by transforming them into a visually stunning facade that converts sunlight into energy through BIPV.

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Solar Parking Design

Customizable Solutions for Any Structure

Mitrex Solar Parking Facades can be customized depending on the project or design needs. Limitless aesthetic options make it easy for architects to design with solar technology.

Mitrex offers versatile products that can be customized into different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, or levels of transparency that best suit your needs.

Mitrex Solar Facades can be seamlessly integrated into the traditional parking lots without altering the existing structure, or they can even be incorporated into new structures. The panels can be modified according to the structure’s design, installation and system needs, the demands for openings between the panels, and ventilation requirements.

Depending on the parking lot needs, designers can choose from various solar options, such as opaque panels that recreate any color or pattern, semi-opaque, or transparent, to conform to the level of lighting requirements. Mitrex allows for limitless designs and enhanced sustainability through patterns ranging from brick to wood, solid colors, stone, gradients, and more.

Taking an architectural approach to solar parking facades, the Mitrex system can be easily tailored to each unique project—maximizing the design of the structure while extending energy generation to the vertical surfaces.

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Limitless Fabrication, Any Installation System

The key aspect of Mitrex Solar Parking Facades is the precision achieved through advanced fabrication and customizable attachment systems.

The ventilated solar facade can attach to the building through a unique design that eliminates the need for vertical steel supports by attaching the Mitrex facade system directly to the concrete walls and slabs through embeds. However, any design need can be met with unique systems that are completely customizable. Mitrex will work with you to incorporate the solar facade into parking structures.

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Solar Parking Benefits

Benefits of Solar Facade Parking Lots

Creating a feature building out of a car parking structure can both enhance the urban environment and raise the perceived value of the development and its neighbourhood.

When parking lot owners attach Mitrex BIPV to their structure, they ensure they benefit themselves and the surrounding community by providing clean energy.

  • Improved aesthetics & any design
  • Option for an open, ventilated façade
  • Minimal connection points and frames
  • Customizable attachment systems
  • Lightweight system makes installation easy
  • Cost-effective façade
  • Solar energy generation
  • New build and retrofits
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