Completed Project

Industrial BIPV Wall

The Industrial Wall project utilizes building-integrated photovoltaics on a retrofitted building. The project is the largest BIPV wall in Ontario and consists of a mix of Solar Facade panels and stone cladding panels that cover the non-solar areas of the structure.
The wall will cover an area of over 7,000SF of customized solar facade panels and has the capacity to generate 100kW of energy. The industrial building utilizes solar energy generation to supplement the structure’s energy demands and reduce carbon emissions.

Completed Project

Mitrex Headquarters

Mitrex Headquarters, located in Toronto, Canada, showcases Mitrex Solar Facade panels along the north elevation of the manufacturing facility. The Solar Facade features fully white, 250W panels directly integrated into the fins of the building. The integrated solar panels allow for seamless green energy generation.

Completed Project

Solar Brick Facade

This project features an installation of Mitrex Solar Brick made to match the existing brick facade on the post-war era building. Mitrex Solar Brick facades boast up to 330W per panel while recreating a traditional masonry brick look, a staple of buildings in North America. The installation features a 59kW system size spanning over 4,000SF. Incorporating Solar Brick into the facade allowed the building owner to have an energy-generating building envelope without poor aesthetics.

Completed Project

Minto Sales Office, Oshawa

This project showcases a sales office in Oshawa for residential homes with a BIPV section on the exterior of the building utilizing Solar Facade panels. The system invisibly incorporates solar without poor aesthetics, allowing for a 5kW system that generates renewable energy.

In Progress

605 Yonge St, Midland

Mitrex aims to improve the aesthetics of the 605 Yonge St building while transforming the structure into a green, energy-generating power plant. The improved area on the building will utilize Mitrex Solar Facades with a wood pattern spanning over 10,000SF and generating energy with a system size of over 160kW.
Upon completion, the structure will feature an improved building envelope while seamlessly generating solar energy.

In Progress

92 Plains Road

92 Plains Road is a new, 6-storey condominium located in Burlington ON, Canada. This building incorporates Solar Facades and Solar Railing into the structure to allow for energy generation without ruining the aesthetics.

In Progress

591 Finch West

591 Finch West is a new 12-storey rental building located in Toronto ON, Canada, designed as a senior residence. The mid-rise utilizes Mitrex Solar Facades and Solar Railing to offset the building’s reliance on energy from the high-carbon grid.

In Progress

The SEE Institute, Dubai

The SEE Institute is part of The Sustainable City in Dubai, an award-winning community that aims to become the first Net Zero Energy development in the region. The building integrates Mitrex Solar Facade on the South and South-West facade. The institute is the research and development arm of Diamond Developers which promotes low carbon living and accelerates climate action through professional training, public education, events and special projects.

Upcoming Project

Country Homes Sales Office

This project will install Mitrex BIPV cladding on a sales office for a new Country Homes residential development in Brampton, ON.  The installation which is approximately 2000 sq.ft. will cover the entire front facade and contribute an estimated 25% of the building energy usage annually.  The color scheme maintains the aesthetic of other recently built Country Homes sales offices and will landmark a pilot BIPV application for Rinomato Group of Companies.

Upcoming Project

St. Mary's University

St. Mary’s University in Halifax is taking a leadership role by adopting a sustainable option for the building’s modernization efforts. The installation consists of over 6,000 sq.ft of solar cladding accented by a vertical semi-opaque curtain wall on the south elevation. The design of the panels will be a delicate combination of school colors with a subtle reveal of solar technology – a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements.

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These are some of our sustainable, green buildings projects. We specialize in diverse Solar Facades & Cladding, Photovoltaic Glass, and Solar Railing projects.

Disclaimer: Some of the projects displayed are inexact renderings of ongoing Mitrex projects; the images are solely to reflect the size of proposed confidential projects.