BIPV Cladding System

Building-Integrated Solar Facades

Mitrex Solar Facades use the power of the sun to produce clean electricity. In addition, these products feature various backing systems, allowing for lightweight, high-strength panels.

Mounted on top is a layer of solar cells fixed with a customizable facing, recreating any pattern or color while allowing for energy generation. These panels also provide thermal resistance in addition to exterior noise control while ensuring durability and safety.

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Solar Facades Layers

Mitrex cladding panels are an energy-efficient solution for both existing and also new facades. Particularly from design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications. Furthermore, these panels transform typical, single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose cladding that acts as an energy generating building envelope.

Solar Facades textured by Mitrex
Aesthetic Energy Generation

Designs and Patterns

The adoption of solar panels as BIPVs (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics) or BAPVs (Building-Applied Photovoltaics) has been limited due to poor designs and limited choices. As mentioned, a significant advantage of Mitrex BIPV and BAPV panels is that they are entirely customizable. Therefore, the products can achieve the look of any surface material, pattern, texture, or image desired, including granite, porcelain, brick, wood, or customized graphics.

Accordingly, we achieved this through an innovative surface treatment that fuses the pattern to solar glass, creating a durable, fade-resistant surface. Significantly, these surfaces are self-cleaning, allowing for maintenance-free operation. And because the panels are frameless, in that they are mounted and wired through the back of the panel, they look exactly like traditional edge-to-edge composite cladding panels.

Although applying colors and patterns to solar glass affects light transmittance, the dramatic increase in design options will result in a net-positive outcome for solar panel adoption. This is because architects gain the freedom and confidence to include integrated solar products into their designs. Further, Mitrex is committed to balancing innovation and efficiency by using various patterns to conceal solar technology while maximizing the energy output.

Additionally, we invest a significant percentage of our resources into improving the efficiency of our products. The truly revolutionary aspect of our product is the amount of input that architects and designers have. Thus, our products will make it convenient for architects to incorporate solar technology into their designs by giving them the power of choice in color, size, and system design.

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Aesthetic Energy Generation

Adaptable Panel Sizes

In addition, another major limitation of most solar panels is that they are restricted to a standard panel size because of design, supply chain, or manufacturing constraints. Consequently, restrictions in panel size hamper the ability of architects to design buildings with complete creative freedom.

In contrast, Mitrex Solar Facade panels overcome this problem because they can vary both in size and shape, adapting to the needs of architects as required. Mitrex can manufacture solar cladding in many different sizes, including multiple panels with minute differences, based on architectural design needs.

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Take A Look At the Texture Options

To simulate materials with different textures, we can even use a textured glass facing. Certain options have enhanced efficiency without compromising on aesthetics. Specifically, solar glass features improved solar energy efficiency in comparison to highly textured glass. In comparison, textured glass diffuses or reflects more light, meaning the panel is less efficient. However, the texture can help give the facing a more natural look and feel.

The facing glass options include low iron, matte solar glass, pyramid solar glass, wood glass, rain glass, and satin lite glass. Although the efficiency is affected, electricity will still be generated, and beautiful aesthetics will increase the likelihood of adoption.

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Fully Automated Manufacturing

Advanced, High-Quality Fabrication

Aesthetically pleasing, large-scale manufacturing of photovoltaics and patented glass facing technology, made in North America.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is fully automated and equipped with cutting-edge machinery for photovoltaic production. More importantly, our superior products are engineered for safety and durability.

Moreover, we quickly fabricate and deliver panels that meet specific design and aesthetic requirements. Our custom-designed manufacturing line creates a high-quality edge that ensures that each panel is flush with the next upon installation. This results in a beautifully flat surface made of imperceptible photovoltaics.

To us, digging fossil fuels from the depth of earth, burning them, and creating carbon dioxide emissions to run cars or power buildings is neither logical nor sustainable. Mitrex is looking into a future in that cars and buildings are electrically powered—a logical and sustainable solution.

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Superior Installation

Compatible with Standard Installation Systems

Our Solar Facade systems are quick and easy to install. In addition, we provide complete installation services through our in-house and certified partners, including insulation, panel mounting, electrical connections, and finishing the facade. More importantly, our automated and equipment-based install services allow for a minimal disturbance on the job site.

From Pre-fab Walls or embedding into curtainwalls and window walls, our superior cladding solution has been incorporated into renowned and monumental projects around the globe.

Mitrex even offers solar rainscreen panels, ready-for unitized or stick curtainwall solar cladding, ready-for window wall installation, slab-to-slab connections (comparable to precast concrete systems), and insulated solar wall panels. Furthermore, all the products are made in Canada under one manufacturing plant.

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Rainscreen Installation System - BIPV
Pre-fab Wall Installation System BIPV
Custom Integration Installation System - BIPV
Any Structure

Limitless Applications for New Builds and Retrofits

The sky is the limit to implementing Mitrex solar technology into buildings applications; the facade is just the beginning.

As mentioned, Mitrex technology is suitable for new builds and renovations of any kind, including deep retrofits and recladding projects. The limitless applications of Mitrex products include high-rise buildings, sports centers and shopping malls, health and institutional buildings, warehouse and logistic centers, single-family homes and subdivisions, transportation and storage facilities, agricultural and industrial buildings, and even data centers.

In fact, we can all contribute to the fight against climate change and reverse what we have done to nature while having a superior material on our buildings that lasts for generations to come. There is no compromise!

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Mitrex Solar Facade

Turning Buildings into Green Powerplants

Mitrex Solar Facade features integrated solar technology that generates electricity, various wall assembly systems that achieve high R-values, and fast and easy installation methods.

We aim to incorporate Solar Facades into any structure, including new construction and retrofit projects, with an economical approach.

More importantly, Mitrex energy-producing building facades can lower operating costs while fitting the desired design aesthetic of the structure. In other words, these energy-efficient systems can look like any material in the world and have a fantastic ROI due to the power produced from the solar facade.

In addition, Mitrex technology is suitable for virtually any application, including residential homes, high rises, industrial buildings, stadiums, bus stops, healthcare buildings, agricultural silos, greenhouses, parking lot structures, and more.

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Economical, Revenue Generating

Cost-Effective Solar Facades

Whether it is a power purchase agreement or standard purchase, the unique Mitrex business model makes it possible for everybody to embrace BIPV technology. We offer standard supply only purchase options as well as economical turnkey service options. The purchase options specifically allow us to price Mitrex Solar Facades competitively as an alternative to traditional cladding materials. There is even an opportunity for building owners to earn revenue from the energy generated by our products.

Supply Only

Supply only of solar products including panel to panel wiring connections and junction box, resulting in a high return on investment and a quick payback period.

Turnkey Services


Mitrex Power Agreement

30-Year contract where Mitrex owns electricity generated and sells it back to the building at a lower rate than the electricity from the grid.

Includes Mitrex turnkey services such as installation and system management, with an infinite return on investment!


Direct Purchase Agreement

Mitrex turnkey services are included, and full ownership will result in a high return on investment and a quick payback period.

Products and Performance

Exceptional Warranty

Significantly, the Mitrex warranty guarantees the hardware for 25 years and guarantees that after 25 years, the minimum efficiency will be 80% of the original energy generation—ensuring beauty and efficiency for the lifetime of the building envelope.

Solar Integrated Facades

Displacing Traditional Cladding Solutions

Mitrex solar cladding panels are also designed to compete favourably with non-solar cladding solutions—namely ACM, Precast Concrete, and other types of cladding panels.

In fact, Mitrex solar energy-generating facades are superior to ACM panels in terms of quality as we have no issues with oil canning, Mitrex’s high-end low iron glass versus thin aluminum of ACM panels, strength by our various backing options, and design customization options.

Compared to Precast Concrete Panels, Mitrex electricity-generating panels are much lighter, easier to install, and do not need the building to be reinforced to receive the added weight of Precast Concrete Panels. In addition, Mitrex panels are fade-resistant and practically maintenance-free.

Even after decades, the Mitrex facade will look the same as day one. To sum up, Mitrex Solar Facades are the right choice for any building, whether a new build or retrofit.

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Solar Facade Comparison
Sustainable Structures

The Future of Green Energy

The exterior of a building or structure can be transformed into a vertical micro-power plant using patented photovoltaic technology. This clean energy contributes to a net-zero carbon future.

Buildings powered with microgrids provided from Mitrex facades will allow humanity to lower our dependency on the centralized grid, especially in times of disaster. Decentralizing power will enable our society to be more energy efficient; depending on grid-connected buildings will become a thing of the past.

Global warming is getting closer to the tipping point, and more and more natural disasters are happening. As extreme events become more prevalent, having safe structures is not an option; it’s necessary. Structures built using Mitrex facades are ready for hurricanes and winds of up to hundreds of kilometers per hour (ASTM E1886) and are fire tested (NFPA 285/S 134) while generating electricity.

With the evolution in EV cars and battery storage causing many car manufacturers to move to all-electric vehicles, the building community, from the initial concept designed by architects to completion, is looking for a viable, scalable solution to accommodate all the additional power requirements for new and retrofit projects.

At Mitrex, we thought about all of this and more when designing our Solar Facade. Mitrex offers cost-effective, quickly installed, aesthetically pleasing, and commercially available facades from a reputable cladding organization with decades of experience in the field.