Solar Glass System

Energy-Generating Solar Greenhouses

Mitrex Solar Greenhouse offers owners the opportunity to transform their greenhouse into an energy profit center.

Mitrex Solar Greenhouse is an ideal alternative compared to conventional greenhouses as the integrated Mitrex Solar Glass can supplement the high energy requirements of the structure.

Mitrex provides owners with the opportunity to generate enough green energy to grow sustainably by supplying Solar Glass for their buildings.

Depending on your greenhouse needs, you can choose from various solar options, such as opaque, semi-opaque, or transparent Solar Glass, available in varying thicknesses and sizes. A Solar Greenhouse allows owners to generate energy from existing infrastructure without sacrificing the overall effectiveness of the greenhouse operations.

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Design Options

Solar Greenhouse— Made to Meet Your Vision

From the type of solar technology to the Solar Glass transparency, opacity, and colour, Mitrex solar-powered greenhouses can be tailored to match any need.

The Solar Greenhouse enables greenhouse owners to generate electricity from current equipment while maintaining the functionality and efficiency of the structure.

Mitrex Solar Glass can replace traditional glass applications without affecting the aesthetic or performance of the growing facility. Mitrex can supply transparent Solar Glass for clear greenhouses that allow for solar energy absorption without compromising the sunlight access for the crops inside the structure. For opaque growing facilities, Mitrex offers opaque and semi-opaque solar technology that maximizes energy generation on otherwise unused surfaces. Owners can choose which solar technology best suits their needs to generate energy and profit.

Mitrex photovoltaic (PV) glass uses high-output monocrystalline silicon or thin-film technology. The glass consists of two layers of heat-tempered, laminated, low iron glass surrounding integrated solar cells. Our high-performing materials coupled with a 25-year product and performance warranty guarantee durable, long-lasting solar glass.

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Solar Greenhouse Benefits

Benefits of UV-Blocking Greenhouses

Mitrex Solar Greenhouses benefit the overall functionality of the greenhouse by offering a UV-blocking material that improves crop health.

Recent studies have shown that UV-blocking materials not only reduce the activity of pests and diseases in the greenhouse but also positively affect photosynthesis and overall vegetation growth.

When a material partially or completely absorbs UV light from the sun, it is considered UV-blocking. UV-blocking materials improve plant physiology by blocking harmful UV solar rays and allowing the necessary UV light into the greenhouse, enhancing photosynthesis and development.

In addition, these materials negatively impact insects’ and pests’ vision, making it hard for them to function and populate. This decreases the presence of pests and viral-related diseases in the greenhouse.

Greenhouses covered with Mitrex Solar Glass incorporate UV-blocking measures that improve plant wellbeing. Not only do these products offset energy demands and reduce costs, but they also increase the health and growth of crops.

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Cost-Saving Solution

Profitable, Energized Solar Solutions

Supplement your power demands and save on energy costs with Mitrex Solar Greenhouse.

With the energy required for heating during winters, cooling during summers, and ventilation year-round, the costs to maintain effective operations become punitive for large-scale greenhouses. Instead of burning your capital on energy costs, invest in the Mitrex Solar Greenhouse. Our Solar Glass guarantees a consistent and cost-effective source of renewable energy generation.


Supplier of Solar Glass

For Solar Greenhouses, Mitrex offers supply-only of our Solar Glass which is available in various options and applications.

Working with your manufacturer of choice, Mitrex will supply the Solar Glass to suit the aesthetic needs of your project. The Solar Glass can range from entirely transparent to translucent and opaque.

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Advanced Production Process

Reliable & Safety-Tested Products

Mitrex Solar Glass is manufactured at our North American, fully automated production plant, guaranteeing safe and durable solar products.

Mitrex makes high-performing solar products that exceed all North American safety and durability specifications due to our innovative manufacturing process.

Mitrex utilizes automation, robotics, and a custom-designed manufacturing line to ensure all solar products are produced with the highest quality. Our stringent safety testing and quality controls ensure reliable performance of the solar material for decades. And as much as we prioritize performance, Mitrex ensures the production is as ecologically friendly as possible to minimize the carbon embodiment for our products.

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Innovative Greenhouses

The Future for Greenhouses

Mitrex Solar Greenhouse products are the next step for greenhouses and growing facilities. Mitrex Solar Glass allows greenhouse owners to save money on high energy demands, cut their carbon emissions, and grow their crops in a completely sustainable environment.

Mitrex Innovative Solar Technologies, such as Solar Glass, can be seamlessly integrated into the traditional greenhouse without altering existing operations. Greenhouse owners can fully customize the Solar Glass to match their transparency, colour, and shading requirements. By transforming your greenhouse into an energy-producing Solar Greenhouse, your structure becomes a passive micro-grid.

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