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Solar Roof
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Mitrex solar shingles, or colored solar panels, can be easily incorporated into the design of new structures or also mounted onto existing structures. More importantly, the panels use the same installation methods as traditional solar panels. Therefore, any rooftop can become a source of energy.

Solar Roof by Mitrex is the optimal choice for solar panel installations. To clarify, they feature solar cells sandwiched underneath a customizable tempered glass facing with a standard frame. Further, the solar panels can produce up to 350W of energy. As a result, the solar technology can supplement a home’s energy demands with clean energy.

In comparison, traditional panels have unattractive frames and a conventional look that is never the first choice in design. However, our solar shingles come in 4 popular roofing patterns and can also be customized for larger orders. The aesthetic options consequently allow panels to flawlessly integrate into pre-existing roof designs. Also, they feature highly efficient solar technology coupled with a 25-year product and performance warranty. The result is guaranteed performance and aesthetics.

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Solar Roof Standard Frame Components

Colored Solar Panels
Aesthetics & Energy, The Best of Both Worlds

With Mitrex Solar Roof, you’re no longer limited by the aesthetics of traditional solar panels.

Solar shingles are the colored solar panels by Mitrex, designed to resemble traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt and slate shingles. Basically, this allows for visual integration with the roofing material. Moreover, this technology allows the modules to blend into the roof with a seamless pattern. In short, the result is a uniform and aesthetically pleasing roof.

These patterned colored solar panels feature UV-stable, fade-resistant colors. This guarantees an attractive, energy-generating roof for many years. More importantly, Mitrex Solar Roof is maintenance-free as they have anti-soiling coatings that reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt on the modules’ surface.

At Mitrex, we balance design with efficiency. Although the color-treated glass affects the efficiency of the solar panels, the energy output of the system is maximized while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

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Easy & Effortless

Framed Panels, Same Installation

The installation methods are the same as traditional rooftop panels, meaning that any certified installer can install them anywhere.

More importantly, these colored solar panels by Mitrex feature standard frames that allow for a flawless look on your rooftop.

As much as our framing system is innovative, it is just as simple to install. In other words, our solar shingle modules are quick and easy to install since they have the same installation methods as regular rooftop solar panels.

Regardless of the application, Mitrex solar shingles are an available and sustainable option that helps to reduce carbon emissions. Basically, the patterned options allow for a seamless look on your roof while ensuring that installation is simple.

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Mitrex Solar Roof
Mitrex Compatibility

The Right Fit for You

For the entire solar system to provide energy, different components are necessary to supply energy from the modules, Mitrex modules are compatible with virtually all inverters, batteries, and the necessary solar components.

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Seamless Frame

Don't Have Truss Issues, You Have Our Support

Easy to install solar shingles with an innovative framing system makes adoption effortless.

  • Standard Racking Systems
  • Same as Traditional Installation Methods
  • Seamless Solar Roof Panels
Advanced Fabrication

Fully Automated, Sustainable Manufacturing

The fully automated Mitrex production facility ensures the sustainable, efficient production of solar modules.

In other words, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is fully automated while ensuring quick production of high-quality solar shingles. Above all, Mitrex solar modules conform to North American standards, ensuring maximum safety and durability.

Also, the custom-designed production plant allows for the superior fabrication of photovoltaics that contributes to a net-zero future. From efficient, sustainable manufacturing to 96% of recyclable materials, Mitrex panels guarantee a low carbon embodiment.  Consequently, this ensures a sustainable world by transforming how we generate energy.

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Value of Solar Roof

More Power for Less

Solar Shingles allow homeowners to reduce their electricity costs through the clean solar energy produced. These products also guarantee up to 350W of power per panel. Power generation results in homeowners profiting from solar energy by having solar panels installed on their homes. In addition, clients can even benefit from reduced prices on large orders.

Solar Shingles

Colored Solar Panels for Your Home

With Mitrex solar shingles, reducing our carbon emissions is now possible — these modules can be seamlessly integrated onto any roof on any home. Moreover, they match the aesthetics of traditional rooftop options and provide up to 350W of energy.

As climate change continues to threaten our planet, the importance for each person to reduce their carbon footprint grows. However, typical renewable energy options come with unattractive aesthetics and high costs.

In contrast, solar shingles by Mitrex allow homeowners to generate clean, renewable energy while matching the aesthetic appearance of their roof. Our Solar Roof also comes in standard sizes that enable electricity generation. Furthermore, our patented anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings ensure maximum efficiency.

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Advanced Solar Technology

No One Does Solar Roof Like Mitrex

The main problem with traditional rooftop solar panels is the poor aesthetics. For example, the look of conventional blue or black solar panels with a thick metal frame often ruins the architectural design of residential homes.

However, at Mitrex, we believe that sustainability should not be a burden on design. Therefore, we have designed solar shingles that match the appearance of typical rooftop building materials. Additionally, the panels are also easy to install and are priced competitively. These efforts truly allow for the mass adoption of solar energy.

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Solar Roof Panels vs Traditional Solar Panels

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