Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Power Your Home with Solar Siding

Providing up to 350W of power per panel, Mitrex Solar Siding harnesses solar energy to provide electricity back to your home.

Applied on the exterior vertical walls of your homes, Solar Siding extends energy generation to any surface that has access to sunlight. Suitable for new builds or retrofits, Mitrex Solar Siding can be incorporated into new or existing walls without compromising aesthetics.

Mitrex Solar Siding is created with efficient monocrystalline solar cells that allow homeowners to reduce their reliance on carbon-emitting energy from the grid. A customizable tempered glass facing layer masks the appearance of solar cells by recreating typical building materials with a patented coating process, and a high-strength aluminum anodized frame allows for easy installation.

All the wiring and conduits are seamlessly hidden behind the panels during installation. Incorporate zero-emission infrastructure into your home and become one step closer to a green future.

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Design Versatility

Solar Siding Design Options

Mitrex Solar Siding is designed to integrate with the home’s aesthetic while seamlessly generating electricity.

Treated with an anti-soiling coating that makes them virtually maintenance-free, Mitrex Solar Siding is designed to resemble traditional siding materials. The panels are offered in various colours and patterns, including brick, stucco, wood, and solid colours.

The panels utilize a patented coating featuring fade-resistant and UV-stable colours, meaning that the design won’t fade like traditionally UV-sensitive materials such as wood. The patented Mitrex coating is embedded into the facing layer, preventing any scratches or damages. The durable tempered glass is also just as strong as typical materials, including aluminum and concrete, and resists being marred, scratched, and pitted by the elements.

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Standard Frame Module

Installation is simple, and we make sure that any wiring from the solar system is safely and invisibly incorporated.

  • Framed Modules
  • New and Existing Structures
  • Seamless Circuitry

Mitrex Solar Siding can be easily incorporated into new structures or mounted onto existing structures. The standard frame system guarantees durable, easy-to-install panels. Seamlessly hidden wiring and circuitry mounted through the back of the panel mean that energy generation is invisible.

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High-Quality Manufacturing

Compliant with North American solar standards, Mitrex Solar Siding products guarantee optimal and reliable solar energy generation.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for photovoltaic production, making products that are engineered for safety and durability. In addition, the fully automated, custom-designed Mitrex production plant allows us to produce Solar Siding rapidly and efficiently. All Mitrex products are fabricated with sustainability in mind as our panels utilize up to 96% of recyclable materials, guaranteeing a low carbon embodiment.


Cost-Effective Solar Siding

Mitrex Solar Siding modules reduce homeowners’ electricity costs through clean energy generation. Providing up to 350W of power per panel, homeowners can incorporate Mitrex Solar Siding onto their home and profit from the energy produced. These energy-efficient systems also have a fantastic ROI due to the power produced from the solar facade. For larger orders, we even offer reduced prices. Visit the Mitrex Shop to learn more.

Long-Lasting Warranty

25-Year Product & Performance Warranty

Mitrex Solar Siding panels feature a 25-year product and performance warranty—guaranteeing that the energy generation of each panel will be no less than 80% from the original energy production. These durable, long-lasting panels ensure that your home’s electricity supply will be supplemented with high-quality solar technology.

Any Application

Solar Siding for New Construction or Retrofits

Mitrex Solar Siding is suitable for newly constructed homes or retrofitting existing structures, including deep retrofits and recladding projects. Mitrex makes it easy for any homeowner to incorporate aesthetic solar technology that invisibly generates energy and supplies it back to the home. Mitrex energy-producing building materials also allow for lowered costs while fitting the desired design of the home.

Mitrex Solar Siding

Solar Energy
Generation for
Your Home

Mitrex Solar Siding provides beautiful aesthetics and clean energy generation. Homeowners can benefit from siding that reduces their carbon footprint while seamlessly integrating into any home’s design. As climate change worsens, the need for every individual to take action to reduce their carbon footprint grows—Mitrex Solar Siding provides an easy, aesthetic solution. Generate energy on your home without compromise.